Bad News

So we haven’t been able get together to edit or even finish writing the story and at the moment our lives are kind of busy and hectic so as of now the story will be put ON-HOLD until further notice.

We apologize! Hope you guys aren’t too mad at us.

“I don’t need a wish.”

“I got everything I want right here.” –Dean Winchester, Chapter 46.


“Hello,” I spoke as the boys went back to doing what they were before.

“Bella? Is it you?” a stern male voice rang though. “Bella Swan?”

“Uh, ye—who’s this?” I stopped myself because people out there still assumed I was missing or dead.

“This is Jacob Black, I need to speak to Bella,” he continued, sounding a little rushed.

So hopefully we’ll have the next chapter done by the 16th! We’ll let you know if we can’t.

“Why are you…”

squeezing me with your body?” –Castiel, Chapter 45.


I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I felt someone lightly touching the arm I had placed on Dean’s torso. I also suddenly felt an arm around my back and a hand on my hip. I smiled knowing it had to be Dean and looked up at him.

“How did you sleep, love?” I quickly jumped up and away from none other than Edward Cullen with his pasty, glittery, cold skin and black eyes.


So this was supposed to be up last Tuesday but my life has been kind of hectic with work lately so I deeply apologize for putting this up a week late! Next chapter should be up on the 16th!

“You know, I tried my best…”

“to keep you out, to keep my walls up.” –Dean Winchester, Chapter 44.


“How could you do this, huh?” he said ignoring me. “She asked you not to do this,” he said calming down.

“I’m not as strong as you, Sam,” Dean stated in a low gruff voice. “I wouldn’t have been able to go on pretending like shit was okay without her,” he blurted out making Sam’s expression soften.

Next chapter will be up December 16th, that’s 10 days from now! Make sure to keep an eye out for it to see what happens next with Dean and Bella!

“You were the only reason…”

“I kept fighting.” –Bella Swan, Chapter 43.


I rolled my eyes with the same smile still in place before settling back the way I was before. My smile faded away when I caught a glimpse of someone walking in the hallway straight away from us. The boys didn’t seem to notice anything so I slowly got up and walked towards the hallway to see who it was. I didn’t remember anyone else being here.

I turned to my left and looked down the hallway to see a familiar looking man with his back towards me. My heart beat in my chest fast in anticipation as the man just waited there. I slowly approached him and right before I could place my hand on his shoulder, he turned around. My eyes widened, my heart pumping hard in my chest, as I slowly put my hand down in shock, “Dad?”


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